Saturday, January 1, 2011

chapter 15

As I opened the glass window, I saw you sitting on the patio, swinging yourself back and forth, looking out at the garden. But your mind seemed elsewhere. Slowly, I approached you from behind.

“Missing home?” I hugged you from behind. You were surprised and seemed perplexed to see me. I took my place beside you and we sat in silence, enjoying the view of the spring garden.

“Where have you been these past few days?” you didn’t look at me when you asked of me.

“Cleaning the years’ loose ends.” I said so casually. “Did something happen?”

“Not particularly.” You shook your head. When I tried to look at you, you looked the other way. Something is definitely wrong, I said to myself.

“Adrian,” I called, almost pleadingly. “No secrets, please.”

You looked at me loathingly. You got up suddenly and made the swing moved quite frantically. You threw something at my face. It was a memory card, belongs to my camera. I looked at you. So you’ve seen it.

“How could you do that?” anger had filled up in you. I’ve never seen you in so much anger.

“He got what he deserves.” I put the memory card in my pocket. I looked at you unmoving. For what I did, I had no regrets.

“He’s your uncle, Jo. Your uncle!” your voice was almost at the top of your lung. “How could you…” you couldn’t finish your sentence.

“FYI, I didn’t have sex with him, if that’s what you’re worried about.” I looked away. I must stay calm in this situation. A fire can only be smothered with water.  But the fire within me had sparked it started building up. “The pictures were only for intimidate him.”

You looked at me in disbelieved. I let out a sigh and got up. What a way to start a morning, I mumbled. I started to go for a breakfast when you hugged me from behind. I was startled, but didn’t react. I took a glimpse of you from the corner of my eyes. You looked really worried.

“May I ask you something?” I turned around to face you. I looked at you, as you looked at me with your beautiful brown eyes. “What makes you fell in love with me?”

You looked astounded at my question. Then you looked away, being red all over your face.

“I don’t have a beautiful face, my body is too masculine, and I don’t exactly have a goody-two-shoes personality.”

You looked away and sigh. You sat back at the patio. I stood there, waiting for your reply. Or did you plan on not answering?

“I’m grateful that you chose me to love.” I stepped closer to you. “But I can’t help to doubt that the feelings you have is not based on the spur of the moment thingy.”

“It’s not.” You looked at me earnestly. Then you looked away. “Remember the first time you figured out about my phobia?” how could I forget. It wasn’t a pleasant memory, but it does have an impact on me. “When people knew about it, they tried to keep their distance so that I wouldn’t get hurt. Adam especially. I know their intentions are good, but it’s really suffocating to see their pretences.”

I looked at you. There was grief in your eyes. Then you looked at me and smiled.

“But you’re different. You treated me like I was normal. And you even help me cure it.”

“Well, curing your phobia…” I silently said, “I have ulterior motive.” I said while smiling slyly.

“What is it?”

“So I can do this.”

I took you closer to me and kiss you deeply. When I let go, you turned bright red. And I smiled.

“You need to trust me about Cornelius. And I promise you, I won’t do anything dangerous.”

You looked doubtful, but you nodded your head anyway.

“Come, let’s go breakfast. Gramps must be waiting for us.”

# # #

“You ungrateful child.” Cornelius gave me a slap. Hard. I was knocked down from the chair of the dining table. I could feel that my cheek was bright red as the pain was stinging into my nerves.

“Are you alright?” you held me. I nodded.

“What is the matter with you, Cornelius? Ruining the day at the very beginning.” Grandfather was standing on his feet; his face was filled with rage. Cornelius was taken aback, probably didn’t notice that grandfather was there as he was targeting me.

“What did you do?” he pushed you away and grabs me by the collar, making me harder to breathe.

“Stop this nonsense at once, Cornelius!” grandfather tried to separate me from Cornelius, but he seemed too determined to let me go. So he pushed grandfather away, causing him to fall. Grandfather was grabbing his chest tight when he coughed. He tried to cover his mouth when I saw blood was spurting out from his frail mouth.

I panicked when I saw the crimson fluid. I used all my strength to pushed Cornelius away. Anger overwhelmed within me as I gave Cornelius punch after punch on his face. If you didn’t stop me, I wouldn’t let go of him. When I had calmed down, I rushed to grandfather’s side. I stumbled on his pills and hastily gave it to him. After a while, his coughs have calmed down.

“Papa!” Anastasia rushed to his father side. She was crying as he tried to wipe away the blood from Cornelius’ face. His sky blue eyes still looked at me with fury.

“Sir,” the butler came in, and was surprised to see us like that. Of course, who wouldn’t?

“What do you want, Frederick?” the butler helped grandfather onto his chair.

“There are two officers looking for Sir Cornelius.” He announced, while looking at Cornelius.

“What do they want?” Cornelius was wobbling, trying to stand, while her daughter helped him.

“We need to bring you in for question.” Suddenly, two officers barged in. how rude of them, thinking that they can do anything just because they have a flashy badge.

“Of what?!” Cornelius was ready to run away, but the only escape route from this room is through the outsized door, where the officers stood.

“Money-launderings. And a few more.” The officers were ready with handcuffs. “Please come with us in peace. We don’t want to use any force.”

“Let me go. I didn’t do anything.” He was struggling hard when the officers tried to bring him away. “Annabelle, this is your doing is it?!” he was trying to attack me once again, but was quickly stopped by the officers. He was practically dragged away, and we only watched him in silence.

“Grandfather,” Anastasia ran to his side, still wet with tears. “Is papa going to be alright?”

“I don’t know.” Grandfather looked at me for answers. I could only look away.