Sunday, July 3, 2011

chapter 4

It was horror. There were hundreds of wolves half the size of a man surrounding them in a corner, all baring their teeth towards the two of them. Neville was in the front, shielding Nadelle, as if that would save them from harm.

“Why the hell are they attacking us?” Neville shrieked while taking a step backward, though there was no room left behind him.

“Gee, I don’t know, Neville. Maybe because we’re trespassing.” Nadelle said sarcastically, giving him a glare. Neville was sweating like mad when he saw the drool from the wolves’ mouth. They seemed like they had not eaten for weeks and the two human in front of them were a godsend meal for them.

“Nadelle, if I don’t make it tonight,” he swallowed his saliva down his throat. It seemed it was the hardest thing to do. “Tell mom I love her. And you can keep all my comic books. And…”

“Shut up, Neville. What makes you think I can make it out when you can’t?”

“Good point.”

They both hugged each other as they waited for their lives to end by the vicious wolves, praying in their hearts that all this madness is nothing but a dream and they were going to wake any minute. They closed their eyes, arms still around each other, wishing that when they opened it, they would be on their beds, sweating as if they have just finished marathon, that this was all just a nightmare.
Out of nowhere, they heard a shriek, but it was no human. It was loud and deafening. After that, they heard the wolves were yelping in pain, as if they were being attacked.  Neville could feel there were liquid splashed at his face. It felt like blood when he touched it. He dared to open his eyes, and he was bewildered by what was bestowed in front of him. He noticed that the roof of the barrack was ripped apart, and in front of them stood a mythical animal that he had read in storybooks when he was a child. Its body filled half the space of the barrack, with its back facing them and its head was beyond the roof. It has the body of a lion and a head and wings of an eagle. When the wolves tried to loom towards the beast, it swiftly flicked its tail, sending the wolves flying in the air. Its giant beak was tearing some of the wolves apart. The rest of the wolves fled as fast as they can, trying to spare their lives from becoming the 
creature’s supper.

“Now, now, Alamora, don’t go overboard. We need only to rescue them, not gobble down your supper,” a woman appeared besides the creature with a smile on her flawless feature. She was wearing a grey robe, sweeping the floor. Slowly, the creature turned into a shape of a man unclothed, his back still facing both Nadelle and Neville. With a wave of her hand, a black robe appeared wrapping around him.

“Well, they’re not that delectable anyway,” Alamora turned to face the woman whilst cleaning his teeth with his finger. Then, he turned his attention to both Nadelle and Neville; both were gawking at what they had witnessed. Can this night be any more bizarre, they wondered.

The woman in the white robe came closer to them, blinding them with her radiance. She was on one knee so that they could see each other at eye level. All this time, she never stopped smiling.

“Are you alright, young ones?” her voice was mellow, as if a tune is strung from her vocal cord. After a while, they managed a nod. She extended both of her delicate hands to help both of them to stand up.

“My name is Alwyn Almidore,” she bowed her head slightly, “and this,” she pointed at the man, “is Alamora Pensville.” Then she looked back at both of them. “At your service.”

“Look,” Nadelle said, looking cautious at both of the new arrivals, “we’re sorry that we trespassed here. We thought that this place was abandoned. Promised that we will not come here again. So please don’t call our parents. We’ll be outta here in no time.” Neville just nodded, looking anxious through his glasses.
Alwyn let out a chuckle. “We’re here not to cause you problem, Nadelle. We’re here to help.”

“How do you know my name?” Nadelle was curious. She could not have guessed it; her name was one of a kind, or at least, that was her father always told her.
As Alwyn opened her mouth, Alamora touched her shoulder, causing her to focus her attention towards him.

“They’re coming again. We must hurry.” He then turned back into the creature.

“Who’s coming?” Nadelle was getting confused.

“Come, we will discuss this once we get there.” Alwyn ushered both of them to climb on Alamore.

“Wait, where are we going? Who’s coming? Can somebody tell me?!” Nadelle refused to get on Alamore, making Alamore impatient, thus grabbing Nadelle with his tail and flew away from the army.

Nadelle’s fear had become a reality. The night was getting worse.