Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

in the faces of reality where each and every one of you are unable to show your true colour and hide behind the party of masquerades, i only intend to be different, not standing out, but different, by being true to myself. by doing so, you told me that you despise me and i didn't hear it from you but from someone else. you are too afraid that if you told me head on, i would bury you 8 ft below the ground. true, but i'm a rational person. i must know the answer to my questions before my actions can take place. true, that my feelings will ocercloud my judgement towards to what you have to say... but don't you too have the same misled of the heart???
you say that i'm cold with my exression and my judgement. but have you asked me why that i have these walls surrounded me like a fort and no human can break through?? don't you have some kind of protection for yourself against this obnoxious world??? 
enough with the pretending... it's like i've been living in a doll house where everthing shines brightly that it burns my eyes. i'm not saying that you should be depressed and let loose the hell in you... i'm sayong that you have to be strong to be what you are, and what you wanna be... not following other people's heart, but your very own. it won't be pretty but it will be pure.... and pure is what that lack in this fake world. 
so i beg from you nothing else but the truth to be told to me... and i will honour it by returning the same. my words may be harsh as i don't know to utter it any other way, but if it's the truth, i want you to hear it from me, not from someone else. i want you to know that you can tell me the truth and reasons for your doubt in me... for i am merely a low life trying to pass my days in HIS blessings... and i know you are one of them in disguise... let me appreciate you even more as you open up your door of no lies to me.... and maybe i will do the same to you... probably....