Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 1

Nadelle felt someone was running. But it was not her. It was a man. He was wearing a moss green robe that swept the floor of the earth. She could hear the man’s short breath as if she was besides him. He looked tired, but he did not stop. He kept on going, and he looked anxious, afraid if something or someone was following him as he kept looking back when he ran. She tried to touch the man, but her hand went through him. She looked at her hand, bewildered. Was she dead?
Then that man tripped over a root of the trees. She wanted to help but then she remembered what happened to her hand. She could not really blame him for it. The root was as big as her thigh and as tall as her knee was! She looked up to see the trees. She could not see the sky as the trees were blocking her view. Rays of sunlight managed to find their way to the forest ground through tiny gaps between the leaves. She could not see very well, but enough to know what was happening around her. She felt shivers running down her spine, and it was not the cold breeze she felt. It was the feeling that she got from the forest. It was as if the trees were whispering to themselves.

The man tried to get up but it looked like there was a deep cut on his left shank. His robe was soggy with blood.
“Foolish human.” A voice was heard, but there was not any soul around. “You think you outrun us?”
Suddenly, a black fog swooped in front of that man. As the fog cleared, skeletons of horses and their riders were in sight. The riders were wearing some kind of armor from century of kings before. Slowly, the skeletons were covered in flesh and eventually, when the rider at the front had dismount from his horse, he was already a complete human, not to mention good-looking too. She took a few steps forward to get a better look. The rider was smirking, looking down at the wounded man.
“You were once human as well, Rupert.” The man spoke. His jade eyes pierced straight through the rider’s gaze. “Before you sold your soul to Vetis.”
The rider  named Rupert laughed, and it was not merry. He then unsheathed his sword and drew it upon the man, having its blade nearly touched the neck right below the Adam’s apple. His face was covered with smirked, leaving Nadelle feeling disgusted to even look at.
“Tell me what I want to know. Or bear the dire consequence,” Rupert growled. His face was so close to the man’s fa├žade. He must have felt fear by the look in his eyes, but he was adamant not to make it too obvious. Suddenly, after a long silence, the man laughed, which startled everyone, including Rupert as he withdrew his sword a little further from the man’s neck. Growing impatient, he stabbed the man’s already injured leg. His scream echoed through the forest and caused quite a disturbance in it as well. Even the crickets were still.
“You can never find what you’re looking for,” determination was heard in his voice as the man uttered the words. So it was shown in his gaze as well.
Rupert stood, looking down upon the poor man. “Is that your final answer, Levington?” coldness bore in his eyes as he looked directly at that man. The question was left with no answer, as both men are glaring at each other, each with their own determination and pride. Then Rupert let out a sigh. He then picked up his sword. Blood was gushing out from the wound. Levington was trying hard to stop the bleeding with his hands but to no avail.
“I really don’t want to do this. After all, we are brothers.” Rupert said, though there was no sign of regret in his voice.
“We’re not brothers anymore.”
“True. Then, I have no regret in doing this.”
The sword plunged into Levington’s chest, missing only by an inch from his heart. Nevertheless, it was done on purpose. He wanted Levington to suffer just a little bit more before the angel of death greeted him. As he withdrew his sword, the blood was spurting out, staining his shirt with its gruesome color. Soon, the jaded eyes were lifeless. Satisfied, Rupert cleaned his sword with Levington’s robe, mounted his black stallion, and rode off with the fog swirled between them and they were no more, just like before.
Slowly, Nadelle walked towards where Levington lied. The smell of blood started to nauseate her a little, but she did not stop. Slowly she sat besides the dead, taking a better look at the poor man. What was he tried so desperately to protect, that he was willing to sacrifice his own life for it? As she covered those jaded eyes, as she had seen many times on television, and her father had done the same to her mother when she was five, a sense of familiarity lurked in her heart. ‘Where have I seen you?’ she questioned as he traced the man’s face.
Suddenly, the carcass turned into a silvery dust that swirled up in the air, and so did the trees. They all made a giant ball of silver floating in mid air in front of Nadelle, leaving everything around her pitch black. She was no longer in the forest. There was only her and that big ball of silvery powder right in front of her. She extended her hand to touch it, when suddenly it swarmed around her, making her trapped in a ball. She tried to escaped, but the space in that ball was getting smaller and smaller, making Nadelle difficult to breathe. Desperate, she tried to punch and kick the ball but to no avail, leaving her more exhausted. She felt like crying but trying so hard not to, because it felt silly to cry over nothing.
What came next was too fast to even to describe. She could feel that she was screaming, but all that she could hear was a muffling. Next thing she knew, she woke up in her bed, sweating in the middle of the night. Sigh, that was some dream she had. So she tossed to right, then to the left, trying to go back to sleep. It was only 3.00 A.M., and she had a busy day ahead. Yet, she kept remembering that dream. It was so vivid, as if it was her own lost memory. So she was kept awake throughout that night, replaying that dream in her head, over and over again.


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