Thursday, June 23, 2011

chapter 2

Nadelle woke, startled by the sound of the alarm clock. She did not realize when she started to fall asleep. She was still feeling sleepy and her temple was throbbing, as if she just had a bad hangover. Thank god, it was Sunday. Therefore, she tried to doze off again, but the throbbing was making it difficult. After too many toss and turns on her bed, she decided to get up and take a cold shower. Maybe that will help.

After shower, she wore her loose jeans with a black t-shirt with ‘nobody’s perfect’ in big, bold white print. She took a good look at herself. She was not the kind of ‘perfect girl’ that the media always describe. Her brunette hair was cut short like a boy, she did not know how to put on a makeup, not that she wanted to, and most of her clothes are jeans and t-shirt. Her father once told her to wear what he called ‘girl’s clothes’ once in a while like other girls in town, but she took a deaf ear to what he said. Those skimpy outfits that they wear looks like something you stole from your little sister, and he wanted her to wear that?  What he was thinking, she wondered.

 She went downstairs to grab something to eat before she popped two tablets of Panadol for her headache. There was a note from her father on the fridge saying that he would not be home until midnight. As usual. She was always left alone ever since her mother died. She used to have a nanny that took care of her, but after much argument with her father, which she won eventually, she had been taking care of herself.

She sat on the couch of her living room, while trying to find a channel worth watching. There was a show where people have to go through silly obstacle to win money, so she watched it blankly while eating her cereal. Then, there was a knock on the glass door, and she could see her long-time best and only friend, Neville, plastering his face on the door making a silly face.

“The door is unlocked,” she shouted. Neville opened the door and closed behind him. He helped himself with a bowl of cereal and an apple juice in the kitchen. He then sat next to Nadelle and enjoyed his cereal.

“Watchu watching?”Milk was spilling out from his mouth when he tried to speak dribbling on his chin. He then wiped it with his shirt’s sleeve. This was why he could not get laid. He had a face that most girls will for, if he put his full-frame black glasses away and wear a contact lens, because he had gorgeous ocean blue eyes. However, he was too oblivious about that. He was too absorbed in star wars and stuff alike. One time, he had a crush on Betty Joe in fifth grade, the prettiest girl in town, and she seemed somewhat interested in him too. But he just had to blow it off by speaking some alien language that only he understands. Nadelle was the only one who stuck up for him when he was teased by those Betty Joe’s admires afterwards, and they were friends ever since. Nadelle did not have the heart to leave him alone; he seemed too pathetic that way. Besides, he was not that bad, once you got pass all those quirkiness. He was loyal, kind and was always there when she needed him. He was like a brother to her now.

“Wipeout. No good show to watch anyways.”

They continue eating their cereal while watching the contestants humiliated themselves on national television.

“Had a dream last night.” Nadelle said, after finishing her last gulp of apple juice.

“What’s it about?” Neville’s eyes were still on the television.

“Some dude got stab.”

Neville turned to look at Nadelle, his eyes widened and his jaw dropping while the spoon full of cereal stopped in mid air.

“Whoa, some dream. Did you know that guy?”

“Nope. Seems like from King Arthur’s time or something. You know, there are knights and all.”

“Maybe a memory from your past life?” Neville always had some kind of theories about dreams, saying that each dream probably represents some kind of deep meaning, our connection to the universe or a memory of the past or the future to come. Nadelle was more of a logic person. They always debated on things like if there is another life besides us out there, existence of mythical creatures, and more. Usually, Nadelle would disagree on anything what Neville said, but the dream was so vivid that it haunted her too much. What’s more, the familiarity feeling that she got when he saw that man’s face. What was his name again? It started with ‘L’. Levington right?

Nadelle was so lost in her thought that Neville started to wave his hand too close in front of her face, that it startled her.

“What’s with the scary look?”

“What look?”Nadelle started to get defensive.

“You look like you’re about to kill somebody or something. Are you okay?”

Nadelle took one look at Neville, the look at the television screen blankly.

“Yeah, I’m okay. “She rested his back on the sofa. Neville was still looking at her, worried, but she chose to ignore it and continue watching the show. Eventually, Neville gave up and continue finishing his cereal. He knew that he could not force Nadelle to tell him what was bothering her. If he pushed it too far, he was sure to get a punch on the face. She will tell him herself when she’s ready.

“Oh yeah. What brings you here anyway?”

“Oh, nearly forgot.” He put down his empty bowl and looked at Nadelle. “I need a ride.” he flashed his brace-smile. “There’s this place where people say it was an old army base where they keep some alien spaceship not far from this town. So I’m planning to check it out.”

“What, like area 51?”

“That’s their main area. I think this maybe their branch or something. You know, a temporary place to keep these spaceships before being transported to area 51.”
“Why do I have to take you? Shouldn’t you get your driving license already? Besides, that’s not my gig.”

“You know my mom don’t let me drive.” It was true. Ever since Neville’s father was involved in a car accident, her mother was so paranoid in getting into a car. She took the bus to commute. Nadelle had trouble convincing her to let Neville ride in a car with her. She would call Neville every ten minute or so. If Neville did not pick it up on time, she would call 911 reporting an ‘accident’. 

“Please, Nadelle. I really really really really wanna go. I promise to do your homework for a whole weekend.”

“The last time you did it for me, I ended up having to redo all of it!”

Neville looked down on his shoes. He was wearing a worn out pair of black converse. His hands were playing with the shoelace. Nadelle let out a sigh. She could never win over Neville. He always has ways to her sympathy.

“Fine, I’ll drive you there.”

Neville looked up from his shoes, looking all bright and cheery. As if he was reborn, hearing Nadelle’s words.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re definitely the best friend I have.” He hugged Nadelle so tight out of excitement. Nadelle pushed Neville away with all her might.

“Let go, you moron!” she threw a pillow from the couch at Neville. He threw another pillow back at her. One thing leads to another, and they were having a pillow fight, laughing and teasing each other, oblivious that they were watched from afar.