Sunday, August 29, 2010

sweet poison

love... is the sweetest poison that i have ever taste.... it devours me till i was left with nothing but the desire for you. you and only chains me to you so that eventhogh i'm free to roam the sky, i still am bound by you.

the way your lips touching mine made my head go wild and crazy, thinking only you, while your hands naughtyly touched my skin, which leaves me tinggling in places that i could never imagine. you made me fall head over heels for you just by looking at those dreamy sexy eyes of yours. your caressed my cheeks with the tender and soft hand of yours, making me feeling hot and shudder. the way your body intertwined with mine makes me feel like i want all of you be mine. i want you to let me enter your world without me breaking in. i want you to feel the same way ido for you. your scent has been ingrained in me. making me feel your presence even you're not around, realising that i miss more and more every single damn day.

love... is still a poison, no matter how sweet it tastes. it's killing me inside with its elixir, leaving me in hunger for it more than before. it scarred my twisted heart as it took you away from me. with you gone, so does my desire to love. love has been nothing but a history in my journal of life. i'm at lost without you by my side. i'm unable to control muself as my lust to touch you once again becoming more severe, but alas, to no avail. when i called for you, you did't reply. i can't bear this loneliness alone anymore. how i wanted to hear your sweet melodious voice again, calling me softly and tenderly, if you only knew.