Thursday, December 23, 2010

chaptre 10

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Those words were still lingering in my mind. Trying as I might, I could never bring myself to believe it. Wasn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

I let out a sigh. A loud one.

“That’s a record.” I forgot that Adam was at the bar at this time. Apparently, you weren’t there. Instead, Gemma was there, replacing you. Were you avoiding me?

“Yeah, Jo.” Gemma interrupted. “I’ve never seen you this down. You’re scaring the customers.”

“I wish I could scare you away,” I said in a very straight face.  

“Hey, I’m a customer too, you know.” Gemma pouted.

Adam had been looking at me for a long time. I shouldn’t say that staring is rude, since I always did it at you. But it did irritate me.

“Is there something wrong with my face?” I looked at him.

“nope.” He casually sipped his drink. “Just been wondering.” He put his glass down. I had a bad feeling about this.

“About what?” I stopped what I was doing and gave him my fullest attention. Somehow, my heart couldn’t take the excitement and adrenalin started to pump through my entire body, making me feel agitated.

“You’ve been fighting with Adrian for too long now. Don’t you think that it’s time to make up already? Honestly, stop acting like you’re kids.” He started to drink his gimlet, a two liquor drink. So the uncle has spoken, I told myself secretly. I scratch my head, and only looked at the Golden Cadillac I was making. After I let out a sigh, I continued my work.

“Hey, don’t ignore me!” his shout was heard across the bar and everybody was looking at us.

“Calm down. I’m not ignoring you. I’m working. Can’t you see?” I gave Adam a glare while signaling Gemma to control his attitude. Gemma tried to calm him down, but he lashed out Gemma’s help. Gemma was taken aback and distant himself a little. An angry man does not go well with alcohol. So I gave him something softer.

“It’s on me.” he gulped it down hard and stared at me. –Sigh- this is not something I wanted to handle. “Look, we’re not fighting. It’s just a misunderstanding.” I took a look at Adam. He was still with his blazing glare throwing at me.

“Right. A misunderstanding. Then care to explain to me why Adrian been kinda down lately? Ever since that party at my house the other night. What really happen between you two?” like an interrogator demanding an answer Adam was. But the answer he seeks I couldn’t give, as I didn’t have any.

“You’re in love with him, aren’t you?” my gaze and Adam’s were focusing on Gemma, who suddenly spoke. He looked at me gently, as if he pitied on me. “I saw the way you both look at each other.” He continued so casually, while sipping his champagne cocktail. “You were in the world of your own, aren’t you?”

I was quiet as two pair of eyes was staring at me.

“So my guess was right.” It was Adam’s turn to surprise me. I looked at him directly, bewildered at what I was hearing. “He never ever goes near to women before because of his fear. But he kept talking about you. Even the most trivial stuff about you excites him.” He stopped and looked at me. I was ready for whatever tantrum he was about to throw at me.

“Do you, Jo…” he pointed at me, “love my nephew?”

My face was covered with both of my hands as I dropped it at the counter. Somehow it felt really heavy. Why I was cornered like this again?

“I don’t know.” That was an honest from me. I didn’t dare to look up at them. “I’m leaving anyway. He knows that.”

It seemed that I hit a bomb shell on both of them as Adam got up and jump across the counter. He grabbed my vest and gripped it tight. He was probably drunk by then. The bar was filled with clamor. Drunkards who were too excited to see something so lively.

“Say that again.” He looked down on me. With his size, he could take me easily. And I didn’t think I was going to put up a fight. If this going to end things here, then so be it.

“Adam, let Jo go!” Gemma begged. He was teary. Such a compassionate soul. I gave him a sign not to interfere.

“Why don’t we talk outside? I’ll tell Mr. Randevou that I’m taking a break.” Once Adam let go, I walked pass him.


It was three in the morning. I was awaken by the banging on my door. What kind of an idiot that knocks on somebody’s door in the middle of the night? I tried to ignore it, hoping that whoever it was would just leave. But apparently the banging just grew louder and louder. So I had to drag my feet to the door.

“I’m coming! I’m coming! Stop pounding already. You’ll disturb the neighbors, dammit!” I yelled. The banging stop as I unlocked the door. As I opened the door, I saw you were standing there, out of breath. Were you just finished a marathon or something?

“How’d you know my place?” the door was half opened. As far as I know, I never did tell anyone where I live.

“I asked the manager.” You sounded so desperately gasping for air. You looked at me with those eyes that were red. “Are you gonna let me in?”

“No. I need to sleep.” With that, I closed the door. But you managed to stop me and barged in. I had no choice but to let you in.

“Is there any reason why I shouldn’t be mad right now?” I asked furiously. My sleeping time is not something to be disturbed with.

“You had a fight with Adam, didn’t you?” you looked at me. We didn’t even step away from the front door. You were still with your shoes on.

“So what?” I walked passed you and headed for the beer in the fridge and took two, giving the other one to you. You accepted it with hesitation. You put down the beer and came closer to me.

“Let me see.” You touched my face and trace the bruise at my left cheek. I yanked your hand away and distant myself from you. I drank my beer facing my back at you, but I could feel you were watching me.

You looked around at my apartment. It was a two bedroom apartment. The second room I made it into a red room for processing my photos. It’s a little bit old fashion, but I like the process. You were looking at some of the finished projects that I kept in one of the album. I took a seat at the dining table, taking a glimpse at you. You looked like you’ve lost weight, and you seemed … miserable. Did I do this to you? No wonder Adam threw his tantrum at me. I was to be blame. I really was.

You noticed me, thus took the steps to come closer to me. You were on your knees and held out my face. I must had look so pathetic for you to have such expression on your face.

“Does it still hurt?”

“no.” it was a lie, of course. But it hurts even more when you saw me like this. I held your hand and let it go, getting up from my seat.

“If you’re done, please leave. I need my sleep.” I said without even looking at you.

“Annabelle Blakewood.” You called that name. My heartbeats went wild hearing that name. All those memory that I wanted to bury deep inside, were overflowing in my mind. My vision started to blur. My breathing weren’t synchronized. There was something that gripped my chest so tight, that I barely breathe. Stop this insanity!

I dropped on the floor with my hands holding my head. Tears started welled up. You reached for me with your concerned face, trying to calm me down.

“Get away from me!” it was my time to be in fear. A grave that I dug out long ago. And it was haunting me again when you blurted out that name. I was trembling so hard. But you could only look.

“Please, leave.” I buried my head between my legs, not daring to even look at you. I wondered what kind of expression you were wearing.

Aside from my cry, I heard the door was being shut slowly. When I looked up, you were gone. And I was… alone.


Writer wanna be said...

okay, this is a different episode yet. better arrangement of words and only now i could see the feminine side of the character. good job! but its too sad and short masa climax tu. btw, love the font!