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chaptre 14

The days that I spent here was like a dream. A dream I could have never imagined of becoming true. Spending my days with the one I cared and love, you and grandfather. I was surprised how well you could get along with grandfather, and those days had brought me closer in knowing you better. As I had imagined, you have a gentle heart, and the warmth that could easily melt away any walls I built.

But those days weren’t always bright and shiny. I could see that Cornelius was trying to get closer to you. Though I didn’t know his intention was, but I felt an air of amiss around him. Over and over again I warned you of him, but you brushed it off so easily, saying that there was nothing to be afraid of. But you didn’t know him like I do. So I asked Kazuki to keep an eye on you whenever I was not around.

As I had finished having dinner with grandfather, we took a stroll down the bay. The view was out of this world, especially when it was twilight. You weren’t there as grandfather had insisted that he and I were to discuss something private. My anticipation was growing. And so did my anxiety for your safety. Leaving you alone with Cornelius was not a very pleasant idea.

“Are you worried about your friend?” grandfather’s voice brought me back to reality as I focused my eyes on him. He was looking over the bay. Lights of whatever left of the sun basked his wrinkled face, showing me that his time was almost up. Suddenly my heart was wrenched with dishearten. To his question earlier, I answered it with silence, though when he took a glimpse of me, he already knew the answer.

“Aren’t you worrying too much? He’s not a woman. He’s a man, for goodness sake. A man should be able to stand on his own.”

“And a woman should be by the man that he loves?” I remarked. He gave me a scornful look, a sign that he was annoyed. I smiled at him nevertheless.

“Do not mock me, child.” He said with a stern voice. “How could you have fallen in love with such a weak man?”

Grandfather’s definition of a man was very old fashion, so you were probably a little bit off in his type of a man. I held his hands and made him look at me, instead of that scenery.

“He’s a man that I fell in love with.”

He let out a sigh.

“There are things in this world that I just can’t do anything about,” he was saying that as if it was directed to himself, “so I can’t really accuse you.” He chuckled. It seemed I had amused him so.

“So, what do you want to talk to me about, until nobody can’t even hear us?” I looked around as I was saying this. The driver was sent to take a cruise until grandfather gave the signal.

“May I ask of you,” he started after a long silence, “why the disappearance act? And why changing your name? Are you ashamed of this family?”

I closed my eyes. I knew sooner or later he would ask me of this. But should I tell him the truth?


He looked up at the darken sky, signaling that night had taken over. His face seemed to have darkened.

“May I know the reason for your hatred?”

 I stood up, looking ahead of me. Lights from the fishermen’s boat filling the darkness of the river. The breeze from a spring air still bit me a little cold, so I hugged my jacket tighter around me.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t tell you the reason.” I looked at grandfather with a solemn smile I mustered. He looked at me with sadness, and looked away again.

“Is it because of Cornelius?”

I was silence, but one look on my face, he knew the answer right away.

“He did something to you, didn’t he?” he kept pounding me with questions. Questions that I have no intentions of answering.

“I’m sorry I didn’t realize it sooner. I should’ve known…” he covered his face with his hands. I slowly approached him, gently pushing his hands from his face. Tears were rolling down on his cheeks. I caressed it away and looked at him lovingly.

“You couldn’t have known.” I smiled. He held me close and hugged me, as if asking for my forgiveness for something that he didn’t do.

# # #

As we returned to the mansion, Cornelius greeted us.

“Having fun?” an arrogant look was on his face. Something didn’t feel right. I tried to remain calm, but he probably saw the uneasiness in my eyes. As he walked pass me, he whispered, “I had fun with your friend too.” And he left me there with his satisfactory look.

Fearing for the worst, I dashed to your room. It was so dark inside and the room was a mess.

“Adrian.” No one answer.

“Adrian, are you here?” silence.

“Adrian, answer me, dammit!”

There was a cry, but it was faint. I tried to find the switch and as the light was turned on, I was bewildered by what I saw. 

“Turn off the light!” you shouted. You were bare, with semen oozing out from you. Your clothes were ripped when I tried to pick them up. I closed the door and locked it. I looked around to make sure that no one was here. I checked every corner for any hidden camera. The drapes were pulled down so that none could see us, though it couldn’t do much since it was torn in several places.  As I hurried to you, “don’t come near me! Don’t look!” were all what you said to me. But despite your warning, I got closer to you anyway. I covered your bruised body with a blanket.

You jolted, and pushed me down. I was surprised by it, but I could see you were crying.

“Cornelius…” you whispered. So he was behind this after all. You started to hit my face. I was taken aback. When I looked at you, all you could ever say was his name. You were delusional. I tried to bring some sense to you, and when all was in vein, I deliberately slapped you hard and pushed you away. You were panting, gasping for air.

“Jo?” you looked at me. I came closer to you with precautions, afraid that you were still delusional. But it seemed that your mind was a little clearer than before. Tears were running through your cheeks. “Cornelius, he…” you covered your face between your legs as you brought them closer to you.

“He’s gonna pay for this!” I shouted. Fire of anger was developing inside of me.

“No, wait, Jo.” You grabbed me by the wrist. “Don’t go.”

“What? Are you saying that I should just let him go? After what he did to you? It was me, then you? How much further he wanna ruin my life?” I bashed out everything. I felt like I was crumbling down, bit by bit. I thought I was able to get over it. But clearly I couldn’t. And after what happened, how could I?

I looked at you. Though you must’ve had it hard on you, you still made that face. That sad face. Was it sympathy for me?

“I’m sorry I dragged you into this.” I couldn’t bring myself to face you. After all, he is my family member.

“You didn’t know it’ll happen.” That’s where you’re wrong. Somehow, I knew it was going to happen. That was why I couldn’t bring you along in the first place.

“Jo, I feel weird. I… it hurts, Jo.” You were trembling on the floor. I had seen this before. So he did the same to you what he did to me. He’s really gonna pay for this.

“Come, I’ll help you.”
# # #

Cornelius opened his eyes. His head was sore and his vision was a blur. When his hands tried to touch his head, he felt a tug. He was unable to move his hands. They were tied to the head of the bed. To his surprise, his garments were gone as well. And he was in a shameful position, with his legs spread wide open. He tried to struggle, but it was all in vain. The cuffs were too tight.

“Are you awake, Cornelius?” I merged from the dark corner of his room. He was surprised to see me there. But he still had an arrogant face.

“Well, well. I thought it was your doing.” He snickered at the idea that I could pull this off. Of course, nobody would ever suspect that a woman could carry a full grown man up to his bedroom all by himself. But he seemed to forget something.

Since I was young, I was trained by my father to be stronger than the boys. He said that it was to protect myself. So I got stronger over the years, until my strength matched to a man. That was probably why I carry an attitude almost the same of an opposite sex as well.

“Well, I had a little help. With these.” I showed him one of the pills that I used. He was completely bewildered by what he saw.

“Where did you get those?” he was struggling hard to take it from me. But it was hopeless. I smiled at his hopelessness.

“I found it in your room. Since you used it on me and Adrian, figured if I could use it on you. I’m surprised at how quickly it kicked in.” I lean over him. “Or was it you that was intolerable with it?”

He spit on my face with all his might. Of course I was furious. But I stopped myself from acting foolish. I wiped it clean with the towel nearby. Don’t worry Cornelius, I said to myself, you’re gonna pay for everything.

I wore a latex glove on both of my hands and grabbed the pill. Cornelius was anxious when he saw that I was sitting at the end of the bed, doing nothing but stare.

“What? Are you just gonna sit there?” he tried to mock me. He was sweating uncontrollably, probably due to the drug I slipped in his drink earlier. I could see that his body was trembling, though he tried to control it.

“Do you feel pain, Cornelius?” I ran down my finger on his torso. He flinched at my touch. As I went further down, he couldn’t control his tremble.

“What do you want?” his breathing was out of control.

“To make you feel the same way Adrian and I felt. And god knows who else.” I said bluntly. I took one pill and snuck it inside of him. His back was lifted as he cringed. “You’re sensitive.”

His eyes showed me that he was mad, but there was nothing he could do about it. If he screamed, people of this mansion would find him in this situation. So he bit his tongue, until blood was oozing out from it. I pulled his jaw so that he couldn’t hurt himself that way. “Don’t want you to die that early.” I took a bracelet and tied around his mouth. He was hopeless, and at my mercy.

I took my camera out and snapped a picture or two of his. He was still struggling, so it was hard to capture a good one. No matter, it’s for a personal collection anyway. Blood was coming out from his mouth, where his wound had been. I untied the bracelet and checked the gash inside his mouth, while holding his jaw with my hand. Nothing serious. So I put the bracelet on.

I examined at the items lying on the table. “I didn’t know you like to play with yourself.” I took the smallest top I could find in the bunch. “Let me see it.”

More pictures were being taken as Cornelius shamelessly gave out a moan. “I wonder if your daughter have seen you like this.” My hands were busy between pushing the shutter of my camera and pushing the toy inside his n=body. “Or did you play with her too.”

He was screaming between the bracelets. I looked at him seriously. “Do you want to wake the whole house?” my camera continued its job. Tears started to roll down from his eyes. I opened the bracelet to hear him out, to give him a little bit of hope.

“Please… don’t do this.” He begged disgracefully.

“You should’ve thought about it before you started attacking me years ago.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever you say. Just please… leave Anastasia out of this.” I looked at him with disgust. But upon hearing those words, I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing. I let out a sigh and grabbed a chair to sit beside the bed, where I could see his dismayed face.

“Why me?” it’s time to know the answer.

“Because you were the daughter of my brother.” He looked away, but I grabbed him so he could look at me, whether he wanted to or not. He was struggling but to no avail, as the drug was too strong for him to resist.

“Is it because of the fortune?” He was silence. “Answer me!” I gave him a little shock with one of the toys. It was too deep in his body and it must have hurt, as he was struggling more viciously.

“Yes! Yes!” I turned down the volume, but didn’t exactly turn it off. I was waiting for more. He was gasping for air as his breathing was out of rhythm. He looked at me like a dog begging his master not to hurt him anymore. But my heart was too content to forgive him so easily.

“You know I never wanted the fortune.” I looked at those pleading eyes. “But why…”

“Still attack your beloved?” he was laughing. “Because I hate you. You were never supposed to exist!” he was lunging himself at me, though his effort was in vein. I didn’t move from where I stand, looking down at him. He was panting as he continued, “if only you died in that accident, along with my useless brother.”

“Was the accident your doing?”

He smiled and looked at me arrogantly. He still had his pride above him, even though he was chained like that. “What do you think?”

At that moment, I felt like killing him, but think better of it. It’s useless to kill such a low-life.

“Are you done taking your sweet little revenge?” he still had an arrogant look on his face. The drug must have been worn off. I looked at him.  I knew that he was trying to read my expression, but I made sure he couldn’t.

“This is only the beginning, uncle.” I was sickened when that word came out of my mouth. And smiled ferociously at him.

As I untied one of his hands and left him to cater himself, I made a new plan for my next move.   


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