Sunday, December 19, 2010

chaptre 8

“So… you’re a photographer?” you walked besides me as I was on my way to my apartment. It seemed that we both were too drunk to be able to drive. It was all due to the wine we shared with Adam on tow. He was the one that insisted that I was to be escorted back home, though I was pretty fine by myself. But it was a good opportunity to spend more time with you.

“Well, I’m not a professional yet. I’m still learning.” I lighted a smoke. The cold night breeze felt warm again.

“You know, you should quit smoking.”

I looked at you questioningly. Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

“Give me one good reason.” I let out a smoke from my mouth as I speak, looking at you. You gave me a glimpse and turned away quickly. Your eyebrows were knitted together, like the weight of the world rested on your shoulder. I let out a sigh.

“Do you like to frown so much? You look way older that you are, you know.” Honestly. I still couldn’t believe it when Adam told me you were only 24, four years younger than me.

“Same goes to you if you keep smoking.” You smiled at me. Somehow, it seemed very… unjoyful. Quite evil I should say?

“Right. Smoke takes 10 years from you.” I chuckled at that fact.

“Then stop it already. You said you’ve been smoking since you were 15. So that’s like... a lot of years have been taking away from you.” You started nagging. I look at you, displeased.

“Didn’t know you like to nag. Really like old people.”

“If you’re living with a laid back uncle, you’ll become like me. A very responsible adult.” Your hands were crossed and you had a proud expression on your face. Right then you was more like a child than an adult. I couldn’t help but to amuse myself, which probably made you irritated. Then you briskly walk ahead. I see that it was a habit of yours when you were taunting.

“Where are you going too fast?”

“To take you home of course. I can’t stand the cold. So I wanna hurry home so that I could warm myself up.” You were walking ahead of me, so I couldn’t tell what kind of expression you were wearing.

“Then why don’t you come to my house. You see the work I’ve done. That might give you some confidence that I’m very talented at what I do.”

You spun around, looking at me with uncertainty in your eyes. I stood there, smiling at you. I meant what I said that day. I am good with EVERYTHING.

Out of the blue, a dark figure was looming over a few blocks ahead. He wore his coat up so that half of his face couldn’t be seen. Though I couldn’t see clearly, I was sure that his eyes were directing at us. But which one he was targeting?

“Are you okay?” you looked at me, worried. Should I tell you?

“Yup. Never better. So you wanna come over?” I smiled at you. Though my eyes couldn’t see, but I could tell that we were being watched. This is bad.

“Well, it’s pretty late. I’m kinda worry about Adam. He was pretty wasted back then.” You smiled apologetically.

  “Well, if that’s the case. Next time then. You can drop me here.” There goes my chance, I said in my heart.

“But I really should …”

“Send me until we’ve arrive in front of my door? What century do you live in anyway?” I cut your sentence and walked pass you.

“These are the dangerous streets. Especially in the middle of the night.” Your voice was firm. I chuckled and looked at you, smiling.

“I think you should worry about yourself. I can survive.” I’ve been through much worse than these streets could offer. Then I turned around. And there he was. That overcoat man. He was snapping our picture. Dammit, this is definitely bad!

He seemed to notice that I was looking at him. So he started running. That really confirmed my suspicions. I started to chase after him, leaving you clueless. I focused all my might on chasing that man. It had been so long since the adrenaline pumped this hard. My heart was racing with me. He was cunning, finding every shortcut he could find to shake me off. But I know these streets better than he did. So I surpassed him, managed to catch up on him at the end of the road. He stumbled and the camera was broken. A professional camera. That must’ve cost him. But that was the least of his problem. I took the camera before he managed to grab it, pulled the memory card out. And tossed the camera away. I heard the lens broken. He was taken aback at what I did. He looked at me with anger.


“Stay down!” I pointed an army knife that I always carried around at his neck. He was trying to calm down, but I was so near, that I could hear his heart beating wildly in his chest and his breathing was short and fast. Probably due to the running.

“What were planning to do with these?” I squeezed the memory card in my hand, showing it to him. He stared at it for a moment and looked at me, but words didn’t come out from his mouth.

“Tell, or you’ll die.” The knife was closing in, right below the Adam’s apple. A thin slice of red was visible underneath it. I didn’t stop. I pushed it deeper into his throat.

“Stop it, Jo. You’ll kill him.” You appeared. You were panting. Gasping for breath.

“Don’t come any closer.” You stopped on your track, surprised at the voice I had. It wasn’t the usual voice, I know. It was a desperate one. And it scares you. I could tell by the look you gave me. I loomed over him with my gaze. It didn’t leave him for a second. He looked at me then at you, one at a time. Then he let out a sigh.

“I’ll talk,” he finally said.


“So, that’s practically the whole story.” You looked at me after that man, Kazuki, finished his story. He was looking at me too.

“Could you untie me now? Promise I won’t run away.”  I looked at him, and he was startled. And quickly turned away.

I walked towards him. His throat was covered with white cloth. I traced it with my thumb. He was surprised, but didn’t back away. He let me do whatever I please. I took a glimpse at his face. He was as red as his blood. When he noticed I was looking, he looked away, trying to hide his face. I chuckled at his reaction.

“Hey!” he was startled when I tried to reach his tied hands from the front. I knew that it was easier to do it at the back, but seeing his reaction made the teasing came to me.

“there.” I released him as I was done untying him. I smiled at him coldly. He was hesitant, and sat there like a good boy. He rubbed his sore hands. There were marks where the rope had been tied. I tossed him the memory card.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked me after a long look at the memory card I just gave him.

“What you’re supposed to do, I guess.” I lighted a cigarette. You looked at me solemnly. I’m sorry to bring such trouble at your doorsteps.

“You’re fine with it?” he tried to read what I was thinking, but I made sure he couldn’t.

“If you’re not gonna do it, he’s gonna find somebody else to do it.” I said so casually. I’ve dealt with this before. I thought after coming here, things would change. But it seemed that was impossible. I have to change my tactics then. “What he doesn’t know is you’ll be working with me.” I looked at him, piercing into his gaze with my determination. I won’t runaway again. I’ll stand and fight!

“You’re one sly fox. Are you sure I’m that trustworthy?” he was trying a little game with me. A game of trust. I like that. He made me exited once again. It had been so long I felt this way. Then I’ll play along.

“No, you’re not.” I took a quick look at Kazuki. He’s yellow skin, with a little sun tan. He’s no taller than me, but quite well-built. Then he looked up at me. His dark brown eyes were beautiful. If only he didn’t dye his hair blonde, it would go well with his natural black hair. “That’s why you’re gonna meet me before reporting anything to him. And don’t worry about the pay. Ask him to double up. He’s a cheapskate, but I think he can do that.”

You were quiet. What were you thinking? I really wanted to know…

“What about now?” I looked back at Kazuki. He was waiting for my answer.

“Just give him the pictures. With me alone. If I found out anyone that I know is leaked out to him, I’ll drag you with me to hell,” I said with a smiled while ruffling his hair, which was surprisingly soft. Seeing me calm probably surprised him, but he did nothing, letting me do what I want. Was he too afraid to retaliate?

“What should I say to him?” he asked without looking at me. I continued to mess his hair, while finishing the last bit of my smoke.

“Tell him, I’ll be waiting.”  


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